Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

20% Time- Week 5

This is my 5th week of doing 20% time project. This week was an easy week because I still have not that much things to do. I started creating my final product which is a book or a guide on photography. By researching on the internet, I found a website called “Blurb”, which is a website used for creating books and photo albums. I can use their software to make a book. There are certain software I can use from the website, but the first one I tried wasn’t that good because I couldn’t click the “Print” button, and I even tried to convert the saved files into PDF form, but it didn’t work well. Later on, I tried to download and use the other software, which is the one I can print my book or guide. And now I am considering if the school color printer can print my book for me. I am going to ask Mr. Neill to see if I can print at the school printer, and I will be working on my TED talk. There is still a long way for me to finfish my final product and I will try my best and work as hard I can to get it done.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

20% Time Week 4

During class time I was researching about the method of timelapse. There are certain types of timelapse, one of them is a timelapse picture, which is just one picture and it shows the movement of the time. I was planning  to take a picture of the traffic of Kobe, as you can see, this is a failure of timelapse picture taken by new person like me.

The reason why I call this a failure is because I didn:t get the perfect line of lights by using tripod.
I learned that if I want to take a very good picture, I need to spend more time and finding good places. In order to do so I need to plan my time by myself. Rush will never make things better then you thought!

20%Time- week 3

For this week I was very interesting in the changes of the angles when you are taking pictures. My goal for today and tomorrow is trying to take a picture of some kind of food with in diferent angles. On the Saturday I took a picture of hotdog from MAA food booth while there was a softball tournament going on. I didn't noticed that it is actually hard to figure out the prefect angle to take a picture of food. And this is my porducts for this week.

I am working on the poster presentation and I will be using this picture on my poster. And I am planning to take a picture of kobe Haoborland with the method of Timelapse.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

20% Time- Schedule

Week 1- Research about techniques of photography on smartphones
Week 2- Research about techniques of photography on cameras
Week 3- Take some pictures and explain how to take it on cameras and preparation for Poster Presentation
Week 4- Take some pictures and explain how to take it on cameras (mode, settings, structures)
Week 5- Take some pictures and explain how to take it on cameras (mode, settings, structures)
Week 6- Preparation of TED Talk and start editing Guide Book of Photography
Week 7- TED Talk and finish final editing

20% Time- Week 2

I started to take photos by my ios8 based iPhone, and my goal was to try the techniques those I found from the first week’s research. But what I found out was that the newest version of the iPhone Camera doesn’t have the section “setting”, therefore I have to challenge myself to change my tools for taking pictures.
In the following week I will be working on photography on cameras instead of smartphones, which will make it easier for me because I have more experiences on cameras than the smartphones. 
I learned that it is very important to research well and experienced by myself, and then you will notice that the topic is good for you or not, and also it is easier for me to make changes after I found out that smartphone will not be the best choice to make a guide book of photograpohy. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

20%Time Post- Week 1

The topic of smartphone photography motivated me because I am very interested in photography. Therefor I want to share my personal experiences of photography on digital camera, and try photography on smartphones.
My goal today was to research some techniques of taking pictures on smartphones, and compare them with my personal experiences on my canon camera. By researching on the websites, I found some other bloggers posting techniques of taking pictures on smartphones. There are pretty useful and fun.
In the following weeks, I will be doing some useful techniques in the street, and I will try at least one techniques per week and compare them. As a final products, I will be making a guide for taking pictures on smartphones.